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WW161632 High Temperature Vacuum Furnace

WW161632 High Temperature Vacuum Furnace

 WW161632 High Temperature Vacuum Sintering Furnace Technical Parameters


horizontal high temperature, vacuum/atmosphere resistance furnace

Main Power

AC 380V±10%, three-phase four-wire system, 50Hz±1Hz

Total Electric Power Consumption

about 450KW (to be determined according to the final design, determining at the time of checking the design)

Total Heater Power

about 400KW (to be determined according to the final design, determining at the time of checking the design)

Effective Working Area in the Furnace

406mmX406mmX813mm (16X16X32 inches)

Heating Element

tungsten net

Specified Maximum Temperature

2050 (allowed within 60 minutes)allowed within 60 minutes

Maximum Work Temperature


Temperature Uniformity

±5(Hold the furnace for 1 hour after heating to 1700)

Temperature Control

intelligent temperature control, closed loop PID programmable curve automatic temperature control

Temperature Detection

seven C-type armatures with high temperature coating thermocouples (six temperature controls, one over-temperature control)

Temperature Control Zone

six-area temperature control

Program Control

Honeywell HC900 Hybrid Programmable Controller

Operation Method

computer automatic control / on-site manual operation

Heating speed


Ultimate Vacuum Degree

2.0E (-2) Torr (furnace, cleanliness, room temperature, full degassing)

Working Vacuum Degree

7.0E (-2) Torr

Empty Furnace Vacuumizing Time

reaching the working vacuum time<20min (The furnace body is dry and clean)

Pressure Rise Rate

0.67Pa/h (tested after continuous vacuumizing for 12h)

Pressure Control

micro positive pressure0.02Mpa

Process Gas and Flow Control

high-purity Ar, H2, H2 or a mixed gas, the discharge is 0. 5-50L/min

Furnace Cooling Method

natural cooling with the furnace after power failure

Main uses and customers:

It is used for heat treatment of aluminum nitride ceramic substrate firing, hydrogen reduction of high temperature materials.

Representative-- The 13th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation