Yuxiang Technology Staff Training


【Summary Description】Concentrate on creating a better future

The joining of new employees has injected fresh blood into the development of the company and increased the vitality of the enterprise.

In order to enable employees to understand the corporate environment, identify with and integrate into the corporate culture of Luoyang Yuxiang Technology Co., Ltd., strengthen their career choices, understand and accept the company's rules and regulations and code of conduct, Luoyang Yuxiang Technology Co., Ltd. on April 23, 2023 Organized this employee training, and met a more professional self in the study together.

Eva Yang , a colleague from the administration department, carefully prepared, demonstrated in person, and simulated different scenarios to serve customers with tea and coffee.

Manager Fang Shaohua of the business department combined his past experience to make a supplementary speech about the etiquette of entertaining customers at the dinner table and the precautions for business card delivery scenarios.

This training not only deepened the employees' understanding and understanding of the company, but also deeply felt the company's people-oriented corporate culture and the care and expectation for employees.