Employee handbook, performance appraisal, reinforcement training


【Summary Description】

The company organized the training on November 7, 2023. "Employee Manual" is not a "straitline" is not bound, not the opposite of employees, it is an indispensable behavior guide for employees, is a powerful tool to practice the core values of "three products in one", and plays a vital role in the construction of corporate culture. Through careful study, consciously follow, can do better than the past self, than the present self, than the imagination of their own are better, reflecting the higher professional quality of all employees!


The ultimate purpose of performance appraisal is to improve the performance of employees to achieve the business objectives of the enterprise, and improve the satisfaction of employees and the sense of achievement in the future. Let us anchor the direction, always maintain the attitude of struggle, continue to force, and jointly create a better future of Yuxiang technology!